Yes! medication adherence is challenging, I try to indicate the benefits of all medications from a client’s improved lifestyle and decision making to simply your parents feel your putting efforts into your mental health and your getting along better. If antipsychotics are causing side effects such as stiffness or cogwheeling I call the psychiatrist and see if something like Cogentin would be helpful. With Stigma I compare mental health to diabetes and show how the symptoms could lead to serious consequences just like uncontrolled diabetes leads to coma or death. I will bring up the negative consequences of a person being off medication with moderation as not to destroy autonomy and hope. I also give time and do not push too much agenda if a person is ghosting, the engagement may not be there, I call back in another week and try to reengage and work on other goals………………. I find it can be challenging to let go of pursuing the medication component but sometimes you have to pivot so it can be approached later.