Very clearly laid out, Paige!

I find family engagement is so variable, but I should not be surprised as family units (and dynamics within these units) are so variable! As mentioned above, I have families who try to show positive engagement and others wherein they seem to prefer no involvement at all. I am reflecting on one of my recent clients who has parents have attended the first two EPI meetings and have chosen not to engage further. When I asked why this was, they expressed beliefs that the client is back to baseline and does not have an illness! This has been challenging as our psychiatrist are still querying a diagnosis, and most of the education that they provide has been directed towards the clients vs. towards a supportive family unit. I feel that this situation makes it challenging to navigate when insight and/or acceptance of a diagnosis can fluctuate between clients- sometimes I can empathize that this alot of information for one person to hold vs. if there were others ‘holding’ that information as well.
However, based on the discussion above, I can see how family involvement can also be unhelpful.