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Understanding ct’s reasons for using Cannabis is helpful. One ct told me they do it because they’re bored, another said it helped them be more social/outgoing (whereas w/o it they were socially awkward) and another said it helped them to relax. Those are openings to start conversations about what other activities in their life they can do, that can give them similar results. I’ll do an Interest Checklist to identify fun activities they can engage in; support ct’s in group activities w/ support (making group activities really fun – e.g. Extreme Air Park, Kayaking, Hiking) and have ongoing conversations about social/communication concerns/goals. Maybe it’s work or school that’s most important and then I discuss how Cannabis use affects these areas of their life. Sometimes, I’ll do a values questionnaire/self reflection. What do ct’s value most in their lives? Is this in line w/ what’s happening in their lives right now, if not what’s getting in the way? In one case, a ct told me she valued her children, her job and her relationship w/ her husband. I then asked if Cannabis had any affect on these. We then went into a discussion of other mgmt strategies she could try to reduce her Cannabis use. It is hard when they continue to use, but my hope is that there will be one healthy activity that will really spark something/motivate them/get excited about and I can use that experience as an opportunity for ct reflection and build upon that. This is where it’s important to set ct’s up for success and create SMART goals. How did it make you feel? How did this activity align with what you value most in your life, was it a barrier or supportive?