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Hi, Thanks for a super interesting thread to read – its so helpful reading about other people’s experiences engaging in this topic. I haven’t taken the MI course yet but am looking forward to it. I generally would avoid telling someone who is regularly using cannabis, or relies on it, or committed to using it not to use it, and rather explore what/when/why/they use it, and what the impacts are. I would also focus on what the client’s life goals are and what the barriers are in them achieving or experiencing that, to move the focus away from their cannabis use, to their problem solving and thinking around what would make their life better, and over time, whether cannabis plays a role in that. Offering them different strategies to use if they are using cannabis to cope with symptoms, or anxiety, etc.

What I find tricky is I don’t feel like I have a pulse on “the general public’s” view of cannabis use, what I mean by that is that I guess it’s important to understand how client’s themselves feel about cannabis use, whether there is any value judgement associated with it, and maybe there is no identifiable thing as “general social views on cannabis” these days because it’s so diverse, but I feel like it has become so normalized as a health remedy/its therapeutic uses and as it has become accessible, that I’m not necessarily clear on how my client base might generally perceive cannabis use, versus people “of my generation” or peer group. So I guess, something to explore on an individual basis, person to person.