Thank you for bringing this up. Practicing from a trauma-informed/strength based lens with families of diverse cultural backgrounds requires understanding of significant cultural beliefs, ways of healing etc. Just recently I was travelling with our regional EPI team to a rural Indigenous community where folks were quick to ask curiously how our team weaves Indigenous wellness and ways of knowing into the program and how we could serve their community members without undermining the healing that happens in their community. I have worked on other teams where these were entire roles within the interdisciplinary team- bringing “Two-Eyed” Seeing into our model of care. I brought it forward to my leadership as a point of improvement and consideration as we continue to expand our program into more rural communities- being mindful of our role as “experts” in this field vs. approaching psychosis and recovery from a holistic view which incorporates traditional ways of knowing into the recovery plan and the ways we work with the client and their families. I think it would be fabulous to see more integration of local Indigenous knowledge into EPI teams that serve specific communities.