Topic: 2-Com, CAARMS and other Assessment Tools : Review the 2-Com and if possible, try using the 2-Com with a current client. This need not be a client with early psychosis (although this would be preferable). Share your thoughts or experience with these tools. Are you familiar with other client-centered assessment tools?

With the onset of COVID-19, we have been challenged to provide care while considering physical distance. There are many dilemmas when we are providing care for a vulnerable population and may be relying on some aspects of assessment from a distance, while other times we will opt to see clients in person. Feel free to share any helpful guidelines for decision-making around assessment since the pandemic. This article, written by Canadian colleagues, explores adaptations to EPI care since the pandemic.

If you have any other thoughts regarding assessment strategies or other tools that you would like to share, please feel free to post about them.

To foster dialogue, please reply to existing topics/threads unless you are introducing a distinct topic. In that case, please start a new topic where others can respond.

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